Only a fool believes the Establishment propaganda of “Project Fear”

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And so the scare stories increase day by day, pathetic, the real question to answer is do we, the UK, want control over our own destiny or be subservient for ever to an undemocratic jumped up group of EU bureaucrats lead by the Franco-German axis?

“Britain’s credit rating could be slashed below Austria and Finland’s if it leaves the European Union, Standard & Poor’s has warned.”

Only a fool believes the Establishment propaganda of “Project Fear”eu ref

Seems that is the question people need to concentrate on and sod the consequences which are all speculation anyway

The people of this country and only the people of this country should decide if they wish to carry on subsidising the EU to the tune of billions, propping up a failed political project ruined by corrupt incompetent EU socialist politicians.

Cameron has lost the argument with respects to discussions with Brussels as he’s not going to get a thing.

He will now fire every shot possible about the business and that we will be hit substantially.

Let’s look at the population reaching 75 million in ten years. Let’s talk about our standard of living dropping due to wage compression. Let’s talk about importing terrorists as the EU can’t and won’t vet immigrants (oops, sorry refugees. Don’t make me laugh). Let’s talk about our NHS being overwhelmed. Let’s talk about bumper to bumper traffic in our major cities. Let’s talk about lack of housing. Let’s talk about TB at its highest since Victorian times. Let’s talk about the EU 2016 budget increase of £10 billion. and many more

One thing is true, the EU and Britain are not one, and the marriage will soon be over.

The EU is a manifest disaster causing mass unemployment in most of its constituent countries and creating mass movements of people as bad as those seen during European wars. Germany may be the first port of call for a million Afghans, Somalians and Syrians but the second they get EU documents they will ALL be on their way to Britain… if we don’t get out of the sanguinary EU in time.

The quicker that fact is realised by national and international institutions, the quicker we can all get on with our lives.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media



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