Proof that anti-white racism has gone mainstream.

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The Home Secretary should stop pandering to the idols of political correctness.

Political correctness is the greatest threat posed to running this country with any degree of credibility. It is a poison which is devoid of any merit, a seeping open sore which so far has failed to heal, and for which HMG seeks to make worse by statements such as those from May. It is also an assault on those who have worked hard to achieve, an assault on our liberty as it seeks to limit freedom of choice, and a blatant disregard for merit and excellence.

London is now a foreign city, how many gangs of white youths do the Police see hanging about in London, other than those going to football grounds?

If I was a Met Police officer I would keep my head down and do as little as possible, as they obviously get no thanks from the likes of Theresa for trying to protect the people who live and work in London.

The Police were fully politicised under Blair. They were riddled with Common Purpose quislings under the then new accelerated graduate program and fast tracking other “managers” into the Force with no Police experience. With meritocracy & experience scrapped and multiculturalism enforced the slide down was inevitable.

As she was present at the National Black Police Association Conference, can we assume that there is a National White Police Association Conference at a later date.

Proof that anti-white racism has gone mainstream.anti white2

Teresa May has now been Home Secretary for more than 5 years.

Let’s begin with 19 years of uncontrolled mass immigration, including many criminals, that significantly increased under May’s watch.
Let’s continue with going soft on criminals, portraying them as victims of society whilst ignoring the real victims of crime.
Let’s avoid custodial sentences or let them out early as there is not enough space in the privatised, profit maximising, overcharging G4S prison system.
Let’s massage the rising crime figures to instil fear in the population whilst cutting the Police numbers after burdening them with admin without end.

She is very adept at blaming everyone for the failures within her sphere of influence, but seems to incapable of self analysis.

The trouble is that she has no fixed set of principles. One day she is calling the Tories the nasty party, another she is making a borderline racist speech at the party conference. Her only motivation seems to be to try and gain some short-term advantage in her all-too burning ambition to be leader.

Theresa May is in he job because she is a woman . There is no other reason . As for the black police association what can one say . It could only happen in lilly livered Great Britain .


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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