It won’t be long now before some match will light this immigration powder keg


To hell with all these judges and left wing actors and comedians. Flooding our country with the worlds poor and dispossessed is an insanity.

How many of the extra migrants these retired judges are urging us to take will end up living anywhere near them?
Usual liberal lefties, being generous with other peoples’ money & resources on a problem they won’t have to live with.

The fact is, that the university system spews out all these Judges and luvvies having poisoned them with self loathing and hatred of the British nation. In particular the white English. The racism in these two classes of people is jaw dropping and needs to be confronted.

We want no immigrants or refugees. We have no hoImmigration 1uses!
We have not enough schools. Our NHS is on the brink of collapse.

It won’t be long now before some match will light this immigration powder keg we are all sitting on. The Establishment and the MSM are desperate to keep the lid on this cauldron of anger and resentment of what they are forcing on us.

It will come to a head soon enough I imagine, there’s only so long you can Beat people down with lies, and name calling (Racist!) Before eventually the people refuse to accept the picture that the Elites, and the MSM are trying to portray.

The sheer frustration and anger building up against the arrogant, indifferent, treacherous politicians who allowed this immigration and terrorist influx into Britain, is in the near future going to explode. We told you so, so many times and you never listened. Now hear this – we hold you responsible and we will not forget who betrayed us.

We will hold you to account.


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Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media