Every level of public service, government have been infected with this pernicious, totalitarian (un)progressive doctrine.

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Whatever EU leaders may say, the EU is at heart a totalitarian dictatorship.

Schools and universities are now populated with heavily-indoctrinated teachers and lecturers, who have all grown up under the dead hand of EU propaganda, marshalled by illiberal progressives and have been sent on out into the world of public service (and, increasingly, private corporatism) to continue the work of spreading the agenda far and wide.

This why we have outfits (and mindsets) such as Common Purpose. Whether it’s within the education system or beyond in the wider world of corporate operations. Common Purpose is busy.rp_Politically-Correct-300x213.jpg

Every level of public service, government and increasing amounts of private corporate space have been infected with this pernicious, totalitarian (un)progressive doctrine.

You can see that as most of our career politicians have been brain washed into their beliefs it should be a rule that only people who have done normal jobs can become a politician at least they will know the real problems.

Many white kids in our schools are being indoctrinated with multiculturalism to the point they have no identity. The classic was when little Johnny born and bred in Bow, put his hand up in a geography lesson and asked Miss to point out on the globe what country he was from.

The root cause of the problem is the universities, where the vast majority of teachers are trained and where most modern teaching methods and theories are devised by left wing academics.

Until the university system receives a real shake up, and the left wing academics that infest it are kicked out and their EU grants stopped, nothing will change. The problem is, the British public give way more respect to the universities than they deserve. If someone with a “doctor” or “professor” title says something, no matter how left wing and stupid, most people think it must be correct because they hold academia in such high regard.

Universities have been almost entirely left wing for decades, so it is not surprising that the school system would as a result also become left wing as well.

Many, if not most teachers have never been out of the education system. They go to school, they go to university, they then do their postgrad teaching course, they then get a job as a teacher.

Most of these people have never done anything not involving teaching or academia, both of which are notoriously left wing and anti-English, so it is not surprising that practically all the teachers are left wing idiots who support mass immigration and the EU. It’s pretty much all they’ve ever heard.

A demand that people stand by and watch the destruction of their countries, their democracies, their safety and their traditions, is certainly going too far, even for us British.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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