The slave trade would have gone on much longer if the Royal Navy had not put a stop to it

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Britain, along with France and Holland, could face a legal claim at the International Court of Justice in The Hague as early as next year demanding a formal apology and billions in compensation for the horrors inflicted by the slave trade. Telegraph

Britain’s role in the slave trade.

Well our most important role was we stopped it.

It must never be forgotten that it was Africans who first enslaved the unfortunates who ended up in the plantations. The slaves were first captured by African tribal chiefs and kings, and were bound and marched to the coast where the were sold to European and American slave traders who transported them to the Caribbean islands for sale to the plantation owners. No great European armies were needed to enforce the slave trade.jamica

It should also not be forgotten that for six centuries before the white slave traders even knew of Africa, Africans had been selling their brothers and sisters to Arab slave traders – an estimated 20 million were sold in the slave markets of the Middle East.

It should also not be forgotten that the enslavement of Africans by other Africans continued well into the 20th century – long after it had been stamped out in nearly every other country.

If White people today should have to pay Black countries for what happened hundreds of years ago, then why not ask Black countries to pay for all the fantastic achievements of White people that they now benefit from? Beethoven, Mozart, Da Vinchi, Kepler, Newton, Pasteur, Galileo etc, the list goes on. How many Black lives have been save by medical advances by White doctors and scientists?

If the rest of the world paid up for all the benefits they’ve had from White people, we could all retire in comfort and wouldn’t need to be importing all and sundry from the Third world to pay our pensions and culturally enrich us.

Slavery was abolished at a time when children in Britain as young as five worked down the pits in appalling conditions. Should the descendants of those and others that had to put with appalling conditions be entitled to compensation too.

Britain should be compensated for the thousands of British and european people used as Slaves by North African Muslim Barbary corsairs during the 16th and 17th centuries.

In the 17th and 18th centuries North African Muslim pirates, The Corsairs, would sail around the coasts of France and the English West Country, spying on remote, small fishing villages. Then when the fishing fleets, containing most of the able bodied men, were at sea they’d swoop in, capturing and carrying off into slavery all the young women and children, never to be seen again. They also attacked American ships and enslaved the sailors. This fact is one of the reasons that both England and America increased the size of their navies, to rid the seas of these slavers.

And none of the above is taught in the schools. Would be detrimental to the white-guilt narrative.

Ever wondered why there are no descendants of the victims of the East African slave trade around to demand reparations? It was much larger and longer lasting than the Atlantic slave trade.

Perhaps, if they are serious about revisiting the chain of events, they should look closer to their African countrymen.

The Jamaicans have spotted that we’re now governed by a herd of limp wristed, PC politicians missing a backbone who would rather stand back and watch our children being gang raped than leave themselves open to being called names – so they’re flying a kite.

And who can blame them? They’ve spotted a weakness and they’re going for it, and to be honest I’m not at all confident they’re not going to win.

Of course the lefties will be jumping all over this to prove how self-loathing, unpatriotic and left-wing thing are and saying we should.

Britain led the world in ending slavery and has no reason to feel embarrassed because of it.

Lets raise a glass for the brave men of the Royal Navy who stopped the slave trade from both West Africa to the Americas and East Africa to Arabia.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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