The EU is a behemoth out of control and intent on causing mayhem within its borders


Commissioner for migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, 62,

The European Union’s (EU) migration chief has called on the leaders of Member States to forget about the political cost of accepting refugees.

Basically he’s saying the EU will ride roughshod over the sentiments of the European people because they’re not elected so don’t have to worry about being re-elected. Well they’re doing that already.

The true nature of the EU elites reveals itself They want our governments to ignore voters concerns, lest we stop them from colonising Europe with Arabs and Africans.

This is the very real Point, its the arrogance of the European Autocracy that thinks Democracy is only a Side note in their greater plan for Europe. Its the Democratic deficit and the blatant disregard for it that annoys most people. Dimitris Avramopoulos,

And so what if the people vote against the EU they will just ignore it? This means the Bureaucrats will have to be removed by force as they are a de facto Dictatorship. We need out of this nightmare and out fast.

Leaders should not blindly follow the idiotic decisions taken by the unelected and unaccountable commission. They must listen to their own people’s views and act accordingly.

If the commission would stop trying to carry out their own agenda at the expense of the citizens of Europe everybody would be much happier.

This man and the rest of the commission need to be reminded that they are in their posts to implement decisions taken by heads of governments but I won’t hold my breath since it seems that most of them are incapable of doing anything without Germany’s permission.

This guy doesn’t have to be re-elected – so he thinks he doesn’t need to take account of what we think. And that’s what’s wrong with the EU Commission – they think they can ignore us! But they’re wrong. That arrogance is what, ultimately, will bring the EU down.

The EU is a behemoth out of control and intent on causing mayhem within its borders. Every minute we stay in this domineering union is costing us more money and freedom than people realise.

We certainly don’t need a Greek politician telling us how to run our affairs.



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