Western governments don’t seem to like or value their own people, and it is not going unnoticed.


For decades the people of Europe have been ignored by politicians of their own country.

Given the horrendous damage caused to our society by the twin scourges of mass immigration and multiculturalism, it is remarkable that the native population has remained this calm and acquiescent for this long. There are definite signs that reality is finally overcoming the official narrative and people are waking up.

I expect then that we will see and hear a lot of hot air from the governments of the EU, and their tame media. They will talk tough about stopping ‘migration’ (immigration), and they will talk tough about stopping benefits for ‘migrants.’ This will happen very soon.Immigration 1

Meanwhile, of course, they will do what they always have done: nothing. The left in academia, in politics and in the media have managed to convince themselves that they have ‘won’ the argument, but their weakness is that the only reason they think this is precisely because they have stifled debate and silenced any opposition. So, when they reach for their newspaper, go to their favourite website, or switch on the TV or radio all they hear is their own view reflected back at them.

This would be forgiveable if they hadn’t covered up those events that didn’t fit their narrative, such as the Rotherham, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham … under age sex rings. Which means in effect that they have lied to the public, so their credibility has dropped to zero. What it means is that for some of us, who knows how many? all our public institutions, including the churches, are now under suspicion.

However, the failure to find an adequate response to the ‘migrant crisis,’ coming simultaneously with the ‘VW crisis,’ actually makes western governments look incompetent, which is absolutely fatal.

Western governments don’t seem to like or value their own people, and it is not going unnoticed.  

It goes to show just how brainwashed these far left liberal elites are. They don’t fear the escalating Muslim rapes of European women and children, the past and future acts of Islamic terrorism or even the fact the vast majority of economic migrants will be scrounging off taxpayers in perpetuity – and will seek (demand) to Islamicize Europe.

It is the indigenous European people who love their country – that’s who is to be feared.

Nobody in their right mind is going to put up with what the European Left have inflicted on Europe.
Progressive elements carried on regardless with their destructive policies and their answer to those who pointed out the blindingly obvious results of this were contemptuous.

Well now the contempt is starting to be directed towards the ones who would not listen, and frankly they deserve everything they’re going to get.



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