All Le Pen has done is state the obvious and she gets charged for it.


Marine Le Pen has just been handed the presidency of the French Republic in 2017.

Two weeks ago, the government announced that it was opening a preliminary investigation into Le Front National’s campaign finances, whilst accusing them of taking illegal donations.

Now we have Marine going on trial for Muslim hate speech, yet another politician being prosecuted for stating the truth.French presidential candidates televised debate

The French authorities are making their corruption so obvious. Putting her on trial for a statement made in 2010? Utterly laughable, it’s as if they aren’t even trying!

This persecution is so completely transparent that it borders on sheer idiocy!

The same tactic was used against those who tried to speak out about what was happening in Rotherham (and elsewhere) before the truth came out.

It says nothing in the Koran, Hadith or Sira about going out into the street to worship en masse. What they are doing is making a political statement in the guise of a religious act. It’s an Islamist, political act not prescribed by their religious texts. It is nothing to do with ‘religious beliefs’, they’re showing you who’s boss – Sharia law applies here.

All Le Pen has done is state the obvious and she gets charged for it. Shame on the French prosecutors/persecutors.

We must be prepared for similar attacks on nationalists as the referendum nears

Marine has the upcoming election in north-east France sewn up, and Le Front National have been predicted to sweep the local elections in December.

They are trying to decapitate and scare the public into silence. if she can go to court for saying the truth so can they.

People were imprisoned and even executed for thoughtcrime in totalitarian regimes such as Stalinist USSR, Maoist China, and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.

Under sharia law, the sentence for rejection of Islam is death. First, they begin to control thoughts, calling it political correctness. Then, they decide to rearrange history on behalf of ideology. 

The next step is the elimination of opponents. George Orwell’s novel 1984 was never meant to be a “How To” guide.

The more the establishment try to close down any criticism of their mass immigration multicultural project the more they will help those they wish to silence .

The politically correct left’s war on liberty, freedom, and democracy continues. This is going to be a massive own goal by the establishment.



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