Have you been sitting on a social housing waiting list for years?


What part of “there are far too many people in our once great country” do these left wing media outlets not understand!

Once again the disaster that has been the nation’s “housing policy” has been shown in all its depressing reality.

Have you been sitting on a social housing waiting list for years and being leap frogged by bogus immigrants because they were declared refugees when they arrived? Just remember the despicable governments of all colours that did that to you and never vote them into power again.

It’s logistically impossible to build houses and infrastructure fast enough to cope with the rate of population growth we’re experiencing. Growth mostly through immigration and family growth from non indigenous families.

You cannot have an economy based on house price inflation

You cannot have an economy based on house price inflation

We will never solve the ‘Housing Crisis’ until we have dealt with the migrant invasion crisis.

UK needs to build a new ‘house’ every 7 minutes just to house migrants … as is equivalent to building a new city the size of the City of Birmingham every 7 years. Is unsustainable and is leading to inevitable major problems.

The biggest and most hidden problem being that while Britain is spending more and more on new infrastructure just to swell the UK population with migrants and their offspring, the cost of doing that as also loading other public services such as the NHS, transport and education is preventing the UK from dealing with its debt and deficit and from investing in the high level productive long term economy.

Our forefathers made a better life for themselves through hard work and self-reliance. They were not brought up to believe the Left’s claptrap of the world owed them a living. Housing was not an issue because there were much less residents.

Thanks to successive Progressive Governments, real jobs have been destroyed by left wing red tape and Social Justice. They have been replaced by public sector non-jobs funded by public debt and low skill private sector jobs dependent on servicing private debt.

That is because it would call into question the wisdom and ultimately reveal the madness of successive British governments having allowed millions of third world immigrants to settle in our, already overpopulated, country.

The UK Government has given away British citizenship to more immigrants than any other European country. Every one of them needs a house to live in. The ‘housing crisis’ has been cause by uncontrolled mass immigration and now the migrant invasion.

Any left-leaning professional commentator who talks about threats to “social cohesion” is not to be taken seriously. Those words represent a disingenuous attempt to deflect attention from the socially disruptive doctrines those on the Left have been pursuing for decades.

None of the establishment parties will address this fact – essentially they are next to useless when it comes to delivering what most people want – which is a decent future for their children.



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