EU referendum or EU bluff?

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As reported in the BNP website

We agree with this

The only way we’d get a referendum is if they had fixed the result. Besides, the surrender of British Sovereignty is and always was an act of Treason.

India isn’t in the EU, China isn’t in the EU, in fact, most countries aren’t in the EU, and they’re doing OK. we’d also save £53 million per day. We don’t need a referendum, just tear up the Treaties and throw them in the ChannelQuiet


I believe that this bill will not be proposing a straightforward IN/OUT referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, and that instead, people who want to leave the EU will have to vote “No” and people who do not want to leave the EU will have to vote “Yes”, which seems to be deliberately designed to cause confusion, especially as it will come so soon after the Scottish referendum where people who want to leave the UK will have to vote “Yes” and people who do not want to leave the UK will have to vote “No”.

Surely, it would be fairer if both these referendums were straightforward IN/OUT referendums, so that neither side could obtain any advantage by manipulating the wording of the question


This referendum bill  reminds me of how they had to force King John to sign the Magna Carta.

It is a measure of how little everyone, the public AND the politicians feel that they can trust Ca-moron

Look, here he is in 2009 promising a referendum on the EU constitution (he said we needed one “NOW”  !!)  during his election campaign!  What a phoney

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