So once again white girls don’t matter.

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A child molester who abused two Asian girls was rightly given a longer sentence than had his victims been white – because Asian sex-crime victims suffer more, a top judge has ruled. Huddersfield Examiner

So a white indigenous girl is worth less than an Asian girl,until of course that white girl is the judges child.

I can hardly express in words just how much this idiotic judge disgusts me. Not only is he stating that, as I have long suspected, there is one law for the indigenous British and another for Asians but he is also condoning arranged marriages, which in practice mean forced marriages.child abuse

He just said what we here already concluded from the establishments apathy to the victims of Rotherham and other young white girls raped and abused by Muslim men all over England.

That a white girl is worth less in the eyes of the law than an Indian girl, Bangladeshi girl or Pakistani girl. White girls also seen as worth less in the eyes of a Pakistani man compared to a Pakistani girl funnily enough as well.

If you told someone from the 1970’s, about this case, as something that happened in England in 2015, they would not believe it was ever possible. They would have assumed WW3 happened and we lost it to a Muslim coalition. They did not need a WW to make this happen, they just needed to install a fifth column throughout British society.

The establishment is so comfortable in its Common Purpose practices that it is quite happy openly admitting and carrying out policies that are pro-immigrant and very much anti-indigenous population. The PC re-engineering of every public service from politics, judiciary, police and the public MSM mouthpiece, the BBC, is now so complete that racist acts against the native population is now considered a “good thing”.

What an utter disgrace and a sad indictment of the former United Kingdom.

Did it occur to the judge that he is giving future abusers an incentive to target white girls? If it did occur to him then he obviously doesn’t think it matters?

What on earth is this country coming to?



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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