When the MSM and politicians work hand in hand the last thing people are going to hear is the truth.

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The media – and the BBC in particular – are pushing an EU/corporate/UN political agenda on everyone.

It isn’t working – it is just engendering further distrust and anger. This cannot go on indefinitely without some form of retribution.

The only way the media and BBC can successfully apply their Propaganda is if the people continue to give power to their deceit by buying the newspapers or watching the TV news and current affairs broadcasts.

If enough people stopped listening to be lied to then their power over us would soon been destroyed. People ought to stop listening to the corrupt and immoral establishment and their media puppets and start thinking for themselves, until then the rest are dragging us all down with them.

The BBC stopped working at real journalism years ago.bnp_bbc_lies_1

People should stop watching and reading traditional media who act more like propaganda machines than actual news outlets.

There`s no such thing as unbiased journalism today, what we have is propaganda, PR-experts and political consultants trying to manipulate, lie and distort the news to further some political agenda.

Meanwhile silence on the street battles going on across Germany between different Islamic ethnic groups over the last couple of days. Forcing indigenous populations to take invaders in their homelands is a recipe for wide spread violence, if you felt like you were backed in a corner wouldn’t you fight?.

 They know they are collapsing and, like the EU, the dying beast will do all in its power to destroy.  While the left can drive opposition out of sight, the opposition doesn’t cease to exist. 

All over Europe, you’re seeing the rise of anti-establishment parties.

The writing is on the wall. In five years, Europe will look very, very different to what it does today, and all politicians who today uphold the status quo  will look like dinosaurs.

We are in a revolution. Not as violent as the French and Russian revolutions (thank goodness), but no less effective. Europe’s government will change dramatically in the next few years, and it won’t involve greater centralization.

When the MSM and politicians work hand in hand the last thing people are going to hear is the truth.



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