The European Union is being exposed for what it is, a union of weakness


The whole idea of the EU was open borders. Now it’s blown up in their liberal faces as they’re being overrun.

Immigration is going to destroy every nation in Europe. Opening the borders to certain future Sharia law is simply madness.

Someone in the EU needs to realize that Europe will not be Europe if you fill it with Arabs.

Changing the demographic make up of a country without a referendum of the people is a treasonable offence. Germans should oust the junior coalition and put them on trial. Also states should declare succession from Germany and close their newly formed borders.rp_article-1189927-0289F4CC000004B0-503_468x296-300x189.jpg

A crowd or Germans were chanting “Traitor” at her last week when she visited an asylum centre. She’s in trouble but doesn’t realise it yet.

Many German newspapers have stopped their commentary function over the migrant crisis. Now the people cannot comment on Russia or the invasion anymore.

Its obvious that Merkel and her elite EU peers are purposely allowing the invasion of Europe to happen, perhaps to culturally destabilize Europe and preserve EU control. If Europeans are busy competing with Syrian invaders, they have less time to revolt against the EU.

Is she brainwashed from liberal thinking to believe this is a good idea?

“Doing the Right Thing” what a meaningless statement, doing the right thing will be preserving the German way of life and society and protecting it from alien cultures that seek to destroy it. That is the first duty of any politician in any country and is why we all have armies to defend us. Anyone in power who thinks that something else is more important, needs to be removed without delay.

Polling suggests a significant majority of the population are against the picture of the dead boy effecting policy, and should not be allowed to distort the debate on immigration.

It would appear the media and political class have gone into panic while the population have shown themselves to be a lot more mature , which might explain the change in tone , I think I detect, from the BBC’s reporting, who have found themselves out on a limb

The European Union is being exposed for what it is, a union of weakness.

This is a declaration of war by Germany and the EU on the indigenous citizens of Europe.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media