You can no longer believe anything you see or read. We are up to our necks in propaganda warfare.

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The propaganda machine is into overdrive, it follows a template similar to past episodes. All msm outlets sing the same song

You can no longer believe anything you see or read. We are up to our necks in propaganda warfare.

The mention of the drowned child is a useful litmus test – anybody who tries to exploit such an incident for political purposes, as the mainstream media does, is beneath contempt. refugees 1

This kind of sentimentalism and emotional blackmail is a serious problem in our over-media-ed modern society, and cynical or babyishly sentimental exploiters like the mainstream media succeed in warping our politics all too often by this kind of means.

Although all the media concentrates on are women and children, the vast majority of these illegal immigrants are young males aged 16-40 (coincidentally, round about the age of army personnel).

How come these marvellous assets are running away leaving their elderly to the mercy of a war zone?

The migrants pouring into Europe are NOT genuine refugees.

A genuine refugee seeks a safe haven and when it has found it, he stays put. Most of these migrants have travelled through several safe countries, and put themselves in the hands of people traffickers, in order to try and enter the EU area and claim asylum in a richer country which could “offer them a better life.”

That makes them economic migrants. Even the Syrians, who have crossed Turkey (a safe Muslim country); Greece, Macedonia and Hungary.

Refugees are supposed to return to their own country when it becomes safe to do so. The economic migrants pouring into Europe have no intention of ever returning. They are illegally emigrating to Europe and are therefore abusing the asylum system.

The media and Labour politicians’ emotional incontinence – there are children sadly dying every day all over the world in tragic conditions – is the worst basis for policy.

The British media is not reporting the huge concerns that the migration crisis is causing among citizens of Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece and eastern European countries.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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