The EU will implode long before any referendum takes place.

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The EU will implode long before any referendum takes place.

The niceties of economic arguments on both sides will be all washed away in the tide of migration that is already overwhelming some central European countries. Its going to get very, ugly, very fast.

The EU is falling apart with divisions on everything from fiscal union to border controls, its is awash with unnecessary regulations and protectionism ,it cant control its own borders or deal with the Euro crisis, Greece Italy and others are being forced into depression/debt, and high unemployment in Europe is forcing hundreds of thousands to come to the UK to seek work.calais jungle

Let us also remember that the EU’s first response when dealing with the current migrant crisis was to signal to all migrants that they will not be turned away if they somehow turn up on a European shore somewhere.

Westminster and Brussels are both equally contemptuous of democracy, while the powers behind them want to create a New World Order by whatever means necessary. The destruction of recognisable national identities is another of their aims, which is why they will do nothing to stop mass immigration.

As a bonus, immigrants are more likely to vote the ‘right’ way. Politicians all lie, but at least Heath admitted before he died that he did so because it was the only way to get the right result.

The honesty we need is for the Europhiles and the MSM , especially the BBC, to admit that the true objective of the EU is to create a totalitarian superstate, with no democratic mandate, and for the 28 nations of Europe to be replaced with regional clones carrying out the instruction of the centre.

Then we will see that the lies they peddle about supposed economic benefits of EU membership are a smokescreen to hide the true objective.

Europe has tried totalitarianism, fascism and communism several times in the last hundred years as a corrupt elite tries to thieve the freedom of hundreds of millions of people and these attempts have failed.

They will, as before, allow themselves to be brainwashed into voting by a media blitz of lies, misrepresentations, false worries about base rates, mortgage costs and etc

I think the architects of this calamity and their sock-puppets in the media need to have the finger of blame pointed right at them.

The morons on the Guardian forum are falling over themselves about the state of immigration and the numbers involved.

How long will it take for the penny to drop for these left wing simpletons to realise it’s unsustainable.

Looking at what is happening in Hungary, Calais, Italy,Greece….. No question it is time for “out”.



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