Greek Tragedy

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

Rule by a system with an inbuilt tendency to ignorance, with all its danger, is producing the inevitable result. The EU has desperately serious information flow problems.  Its rejection of direct democracy has cut off the most efficient way of keeping an executive and legislature free from ignorance and motivated to listen.

Its rejection of democracy has removed from the citizens the ability to vote in people who will protect them and vote out politicians who deny them their rights.  Rights without the ability to do this are meaningless.

We have an impending political disaster which is the absolute product of the arrogant, manipulative plans of the EU to force a union by stealth onto democracies.  This plan included systemic lying to populations and the covert dismantling of democratic political systems. The lies undermined democracy making votes worse than useless because voting was done on the basis of misinformation… remember the 1970s in the UK? Then, many EU apologists have the cheek to blame democracy for the problems when the lies of the EU have done so much to destroy it.

The EU has been poisoned by its own ambition.  Its fatal flaw, and it is a tragedy, has been its aim to create a superstate by stealth.. by dishonesty and lies.  If you lie to people they give up telling you the truth and you are plunged into ignorance.

This process has created a systemically ignorant  executive which is combined with the legislative (The Commission) in an alarmingly primitive, dangerous and unaccountable political structure. Astonishingly, there is no division between the effective legislature and the executive.. like an early Medieval Monarchy, they are rolled into one with the Commission. There are no effective checks and balances, except the negative brake of the Parliament which is pretty useless as MEPs are bought people with a massive vested interest in keeping ‘business as usual’.

The Parliament has no executive tasks and no members of the executive participate.  It formulates virtually no legislation and its only ability is to block Commission proposed laws.   Otherwise, it has the useless option to dismiss the Commission.

The EU Parliament, just for good measure, is stuffed full of obscenely overpaid MEPs and it is on a par with the Parliament of Edward 1 in the UK in Medieval times.

This is the appalling and nasty system that has created the Greek nightmare.  This is the ignorant primitive and dangerous system approved by Cameron, Milliband and Clegg.  We should beware, these three very nasty people think it right the UK should destroy the final elements of its democracy and be finally sucked into a system that properly belongs in the middle ages.

They are only interested in personal advancement and profit.  Unbelievable?  Then, the CQC managers were quite happy to see babies killed for personal profit.  The EU way is the way of lies, manipulation, secrecy and dishonesty.  Of course, these politicians are quite capable of equal or worse.

Poor Greece.  It is a warning to us in letters one thousand feet high.  Either sort the EU or escape before you go the same


I feel like someone has done a Gervais on me and really insulted my intelligence and treated me and the rest of us as if we had an IQ of 30. According to the Grande Fromage of the EU Rumpy Pumpy the EU crisis is over. The same thing was said by Mr. Hollande and also our very own Gidiot! Do these people have no experience of business? You never, especially if you can easily be proved wrong make false statements (Lies to you and me!) or where people may trust what you say then lose trust in everything you say thereafter. What irks me is they trot out these things and really expect us to believe them! That is insulting!


The Euro crisis has never gone away. It has continued, bubbling away quietly under the surface.

Greece is further away for recovery than ever. They are stuck in a never ending recession – their economy will contract for the 6th year in succession – and there will be further increases in the numbers living below the poverty line and increased unemployment. The economy (and with it the future of an entire generation) is being bled white just to try and stay in the Euro!

As for the Government of Greece being able to carry on, my understanding was that the coalition’s majority has been steadily eroded by defections since the last election even before the smallest party formally left. How long before another little crisis finally shakes it apart?



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