The sooner the Loony Left lose their TV Channel the better.

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The BBC once had the funding to create a truly outstanding media platform but instead it chose to become the official mouthpiece for every crackpot and rabid Left wing organisation that hates Britain and the British people.

The BBC is a creature who sucks the wealth out of the poor and jobless in pain of a prison sentence. The Golden Days of the Beeb are behind them.

This Marxist plutocrat head of The Ministry of Information will naturally conclude that more taxation, more protection and more BBC is the answer, whereas the answer has already been provided by the market.

They can’t compete because they foist politically correct rubbish onto the viewer believing it is what they should have, rather than producing something people want to watch.bnp_bbc_lies_1

Even without the BBC’s notorious and well reported largesse and profligate spending of the license payers’ money, it is simply unacceptable that the British public are ransomed to the tune of hundreds of billions every year to fund a corporation which pushes a metropolitan left agenda throughout its programming.

It is reprehensible and shameful that in the United Kingdom in 2015 I can be hauled before a magistrate and given a criminal record for refusing to fund an organisation which uses television, radio and internet to push an agenda I vehemently disagree with and believe is damaging our society and way of life.

The BBC is TV by diktat, its run by a clique of middle class progressives who peddle their own agenda with our money.

There are plenty of more trustworthy sources for news and better programming available on demand.

The sooner the Loony Left lose their TV Channel the better. Britain does not need the BBC in it’s current form. If people want it, then people can choose to pay for it as they do for other channels.

The only reason that the BBC get away with this, is because they are part of the ‘state’, and not a very pleasant state.

 It does not produce any good programs these days and tries to fill everything with minority quotas. The whole point of a free market is competition, if you can’t compete, you are out. Protectionism leads to stagnation. Sure, with some businesses give them a helping hand and prioritise your own people as much as possible, but always remember that there is a big wide world out there and investors will look elsewhere if you don’t offer them something. 

Of course, the BBC aren’t our people, they are traitors the lot of them.



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