This bunch of incompetent bunglers, who are running Europe into the ground

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Merkel booed in Germany by a German crowd the PC pro-immigration BBC calls”Far Right-” in fact they are just a group of Middle Aged, respectably dressed , Middle Class white Germans – these according to Merkel are the new “Nazis she despises.

Increasingly they are coming to despise her and her pc Liberal Fascist multiculti agenda. Merkel is supposed to be a “Conservative” politician in fact she was born under communism and there is nothing between her and her social democrat left wing partners.bnp_eussr

Funny how the ordinary man on the street anywhere soon becomes the ‘Far Right’ when they actively complain about situations created deliberately by political blockheads. In the corporate world all of these imbeciles would all have been sacked. Or locked up for fraudulent practices.

This bunch of incompetent bunglers, who are running Europe into the ground, couldn’t even manage to come up with a decent policy to control migration from Libya,or even separate genuine Syrian refugees from terror from economic migrants from Pakistan.

They have no frontiers, no regulation, no effective police tactics or police force and are now trying to dump 800,000 migrants on the German people later to be spread over Europe.

The European Union is past its sell-by date; the Schengen Agreement – no border controls between member countries – is exposed as a dangerous absurdity.

In this era of terror and threat by medieval extremists of ‘IS’ and ‘ISIL’, Schengen is simply insane.

Schengen should be revoked forthwith; however, it won’t happen until there are ghastly atrocities in Berlin, Paris and Brussels.

There is a big common sense backlash coming against this nonsense, Merkel had better listen to the people.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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