Everything they did was an attempt to manufacture Labour voters


Labour, the political party that sacrificed education standards so they could gloat over rigged ‘improved results’ to suit their political ideology at the expense of school kids.

Like everything engaged in by Blair, it wasn’t about what it seemed to be about, it was about manufacturing a certain type of society more amenable to Labour’s interests.

What better way to indoctrinate the voters of tomorrow than sending millions of them to Universities to be exposed to notions like ‘white privilege’ or topics like ‘whiteness studies’ and ‘gender studies’?

What better way to get millions of future voters on your side than by exposing them to the teachings of institutions and organisations which view immigration as crucial to their earning potential (there’s zero market in home fees any more, the vast majority of Universities are targeting overseas markets like Nigeria and China)?rp_Content_60_LeavingLabour_NoLabourLarge-300x187.jpg

Quantity before quality, cheap and shoddy, and a dumbing down, just a few of the ‘virtues’ of modern Britain.

University has become an industry in it’s own right only there to serve itself and create employment for many people who would be unemployable elsewhere.

Unless you go to a top rated institution and get a good degree in a decent subject then it is a pointless waste of time and money in order to get little knowledge, little experience and a piece of paper that employers disregard.

It was clear that for Labour, 1997-2010, to be able to claim that they had improved the standard of education, they had to lower standards and ‘dumb down’ the curriculum. Standards were lowered so more pupils/students would pass exams and give Labour something to brag about.

No one in any position of influence will admit that our Higher Education system has become a self-serving racket. Kenneth Clarke started the downhill trend by converting polytechnics into universities and managing to wreck much of technical education at the same time.

Now, many “universities” are sucking up students’ cash, saddling them with years of debt for degrees which are barely worth the paper they are printed on.

The worst thing about devalued degrees is the rest of us pay for it.

The real reason that The Labour Party wanted loads of youngsters to go to university was so that they could be indoctrinated and brain washed by left-wing, Marxist, lecturers.

Everything they did was an attempt to manufacture Labour voters.



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