Sweden is committing national suicide. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it in history


Sweden may go broke because of their asylum policy

Swedish immigration policy is to turn over their country to invaders and then cease to exist.

The reason Sweden and other Western countries are appealing places to live is because they were built by Westerners. If you replace the indigenous population with immigrants en masse, then the immigrants will simply create the same societies that they are currently so desperate to abandon. This is what is happening before our eyes.riots 1

Sweden’s high standards of living are not simply a matter of geography. They are a matter of shared ancestry, shared culture, and one thousand and one other historically contingent factors that, once erased, will never return again.

Isn’t multiculturalism so exciting? Remember how boring it was when Swedes lived in a Swedish country with a Swedish culture.

Thanks to open borders these countries will be turned into third world cesspool and citizens getting robbed and killed unless they close their borders and enforce their laws, all countries need to stand up to the illegal invasion.

Sweden is on course to become a third world country within 15 years below Libyia.

Sweden has 55 no go zones and counting. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe. The media is government sponsored and all immigrant violence, gangsterism is not mentioned in the press or TV. The party line is Sweden doesn’t have a culture and the Swedes are to learn from immigrants. No objection can be uttered or that is racist, even a Somali woman has returned home because Sweden is so violent.

The cost of welfare for the Muslims will bankrupt Sweden and the immigrants will soon have enough numbers to subjugate the Swedish people.

Sweden is committing national suicide. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it in history.



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