If the BBC is to be gutted, it needs to be purged of all political bias

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The BBC certainly is an ‘organ’ of the left, but it is more than that. People working at the BBC have an agenda of their own which permeates every blessed thing they put out.

The BBC, despite being a ‘public’ corporation and subject to scrutiny, seem to enjoy a form of secrecy that even Freedom of Information request cannot penetrate.
Any requests for information are met with the usual ‘protected under Article 5 of their Charter’ and even the Information Commissioner states that the BBC output is ‘derogated under Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act’.BBC 2
This effectively puts the BBC in a ‘protected place’ as requests for explanations of their conduct are always met with this get-out clause and the Information Commissioner is powerless to intervene.

The BBC, as well as being left-wing infiltrated are a protected left-wing organisation.

All of the beeb’s output is cultural Marxist propaganda, it would be difficult to quantify but the damage that the BBC has inflicted on Britain has been like a festering cancer; metastasising, permanent as is an incurable disease wasting away on the body [of Britain].

The BBC is the chief advocate of the Brussels Empire and of; Internationalism, multiculturalism and thus it kills, bleeds us as it broadcasts

If the BBC is to be gutted, it needs to be purged of all political bias. It needs to be made apolitical so that it represents everyone who’s expected to pay their TV tax. Best way to start is by stripping it of outside funding – particularly a ban on EU funding.



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