It is no longer possible to speak of a common law in a multicultural society


Our judges no longer belong to us – they have been hijacked by International Political Correctness, the new dominant ideology of the West.

They serve the “International Community” ( which is an abstract concept) and not the British people. The same can also be said of our politicians.

It is no longer possible to speak of a common law in a multicultural society which recognises all cultures as equal despite their differences. British culture may be demographically preponderant but the logic of multiculturalism gives it no right to primacy. It also imposes on judges the duty to take account of the sensitivities of other cultures where these diverge from British common law.pic_part_time_law_degree_london

Rowan Williams, when archbishop, was howled down when he suggested that British law should incorporate elements of Sharia law but he merely stated the obvious. British governments have established Islam as a force in Britain’s everyday life and the four million British Muslims have every right to expect the law to accommodate their ethics.

Tony Blair was famous for not thinking things through and probably never more so than when he threw open the floodgates to mass immigration despite the damage it might cause to the fabric of the UK. Of all the consequences, the loss of a common law will be the most grievous to the future of a cohesive society.

This country is trapped in a PC mantra of Human Rights, Racism and Diversity. By this I mean any free speech that did exist has been deposited in the dustbin of history. Any objection or criticism of the ECHR, immigration (legal or illegal), asylum seekers and cultural flashpoints are met with an immediate volley of ridicule or nasty name calling.

And this counter movement is orchestrated by the far left and common purpose, who will bully any person or group who objects. Just look at the screaming and hissing charity bosses, UN and left wing media’s response to Hammond declaring that increasingly desperate marauding migrants are threatening our existence and standard of living. I am no fan of Hammond but you would believe from this over excited criticism that he was a cross between Satan and Hitler.

Whom do I blame for this brick by brick, I mean immigrant by immigrant destruction of my country? None other than the political elite.



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