The whole reason Trump is popular, is the fact that he does speak his mind.


Donald Trump won the Republican debate hands down in all the instant polls, but not according to the talking-heads and thought-police.

You can say whatever you want about Trump, but he speaks about a lot of common sense issues others would like to say, but are afraid of the leftist’s PC police and others would fear political backlash. 

The whole reason Trump is popular, is the fact that he does speak his mind. Bottom line, freedom of speech rules in America whether you like what someone says or not. And he’s saying things that people have been waiting for years, with someone to have the balls to say it. He doesn’t always do it very well, but he has the guts to bring these subjects up.donald

 People are gradually seeing through PC’s chilling effects on debate and free speech and the negative consequences for society at large. If you ask me, honesty and plain speaking trump political correctness every time (pun intended). In fact, the moment I get a whiff of politically correct evasion, that politicians cards are marked.

You can’t utter a breath on any topic without potentially offending somebody. It’s at the point now where if your point of view doesn’t match up with whatever is considered the P.C. point of view, then you are automatically labelled a racist, bigot, sexist, misogynist, or whatever. It feels quite suffocating, and Trump is playing the criticism like a fiddle. You can’t deny his appeal though.

The reason Trump polls so highly is because he dared to mention politically incorrect things which are on the minds of everyone – Sanctuary Cities, trade deals that are taking us to the cleaners and an ineffectual foreign policy that somehow allowed the likes of ISIS to happen.

There is no perfect candidate there never will be, however, trumps strong devotion to “saying it how it is” alone isn’t going to get him elected. In truth any of the people who made it this far could be president because they are all conditioned for it and have teams of people assisting them every single step of the way. Even if trump wanted to, he couldn’t screw up the USA without support from the other branches.

It’s mainly for show and the winner barely matters anymore.



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