The Police Force served us – the Police Service is there to control us.


The modern police function is to manage and control the behaviour (thought) of the majority population. The threat of imprisonment and sequestration works on the law-abiding herd.

From being an upholder of law and order it has degenerated to a Politically Correct social service. Honest citizens arrested and imprisoned for doing what the Police are too useless to do.

Hate-crime/thought-crime is the sharp end of the stick, but the cultural pressure is full-on everywhere – especially in schools and universities. After all, the prisons are full to bursting and the newcomers queuing up at Calais don’t have any disposable income for fines.thought_police_01

It was only a short while ago a Muslim with a child on his shoulders and carrying a large ISIL recruiting banner paraded around Parliament and not for the first time was such provocative displays by Muslims seen by one and all .
And what did this PC Police-Force do ?

There was once a thin blue line looking out and protecting those within. Now it has turned 180 and it’s looking straight at us.

The Ted Heath furore must be manna from heaven to police leaders as now the pressure is off for them to pursue the paedophiles of Rotherham, Rochdale and the country as a whole whose offences are being committed now, not allegedly committed half a century ago.

Rotherham was just the town where the rock was lifted, and what crawled out was examined in detail. And the results published.

If they are not going to investigate crime than why do we have to pay council tax towards the police.

In fact why not just disband the police force and rename it, Race, Sex and Thought Crime Service, as that is all they will respond to.

Along with most of the public sector services, we are paying for a services we are not receiving, under trading standards this would be put down to obtaining money by deception if private companies.

What are the Police doing if not dealing with the sorts of crimes we have had for hundreds of years: physical attacks on people, and theft of goods in one way or another? Might it be they are massively distracted by a whole raft of new politically correct legislation they must enforce – and by equally vast amounts of PC documentation?

The Police Force served us – the Police Service is there to control us.

There are still hard working police officers who will uphold the law evenly but they are under constant pressure fro their wet leaders. A fish rots from the head down.

This isn’t a police-force anymore: albeit just another pathetic avenue of PC clones, eager to go after the ”easiest of easy targets”.

Something has gone seriously wrong in this country over the last 30 or 40 years and it is rather more widespread than the police. Maybe it can’t be fixed.



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