We are cursed with the weakest, limpest government one could imagine.


When are we going to have a British Prime Minister and Home Secretary that show true leadership, strength of character and patriotism, in protecting Britain, its people, economy and our wider interests?

We are cursed with the weakest, limpest government one could imagine in one’s worst nightmares. I have stopped listening to anything they say or ‘vow’. When they start showing some action and statesmanship and concern for our country, then I shall re-engage with them. Until then, I feel caught in a nightmare where our very civilisation is being wounded and threatened.

Once again the bed wetting liberals have got the stinky knickers in a twist about a word and no Surprise the word is headline news on the BBC.calais

This about sums up the mental capacity of these morons, people are dying, Brits are worried and these spoiled little rich kids are worried about the word Swarm!

The appeasers will always see these people as victims.

The UK has become a nation of soft tolerant cowards,so unlike the brave men and women of the last two wars who fought so hard to keep the UK for the British, they will be turning in their graves if they could see what is being allowed to happen without the people putting up any kind of fight.

Freight trade in essential goods, equipment and produce is held up and delayed in Calais. What effect is that having on the British economy and British factories and retailers?

This crisis is also a matter of National Security. How do the authorities know that none of the groups of migrants from the Middle East contain criminals or terrorists?

We need to scrap the asylum system and exit the ECHR to allow that to happen.
Cameron’s weasel words about deporting illegals will come to nothing, unless we change to law to allow that to take place.



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