The EU is based on the old soviet model of central control and we all know how that ended.


How did we ever manage to survive as a sovereign, independent country all those years before the EU clasped us to its generous bosom?

Britain’s role in the EU is quite clear – as a major contributor, permanently outvoted in all important respects and serving as a dumping ground for the uncontrollable unemployment of the bankrupt PIGS countries.

The ludicrous assertion that this Great Country could not survive outside of this rapidly declining socialist behemoth is frankly madness.European Arrest Warrant3

Whether we stay in or not, The City will be attacked by Paris or Frankfurt as soon as they feel able. Whether we stay in or not, car assemblers like Nissan will move to cheaper countries – probably if Turkey ever gets in, for one thing.

If you want to flush our democracy down the drain and dance to the tune of an army of unelected bureaucrats then vote to stay in. Claiming that the EU has stopped war in Europe is a fantasy. This very Union is in grave danger of provoking war with Russia.If you are more interested in money than your freedom then vote to stay in.

Why anybody would want to be ruled by unelected foreign powers is beyond me.

The EU is based on the old soviet model of central control and we all know how that ended.

The EU is an ideologically driven political project. Throughout history, the architects of such projects have made it their business to suppress or doctor inconvenient facts, either in the service of their long-term aims or to meet the exigencies of the moment.

In the 21st century we have no need for such bureaucratic monoliths, the age of smaller, more democratic and responsive governments is upon us with a framework of alliances and international standards.

The BBC News department has become a mouthpiece for US Government pro-EU propaganda. As most of us had already deduced, it seems Obama is a fair-weather friend, conditional on Britain retaining membership of the EU if the “special relationship” is to survive!

The BBC interview shown, was a flagrant interference by the US government in British politics, and a indictment against the BBC for screening it.

This piece of attempted indoctrination just makes people more determined to vote OUT!



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