Obama possibly thinks that an independent, sovereign UK is more of a threat to his plans


Obama tells the BBC, Britain should stay in the EU.

What has it got to do with Obama what we do, his is a sovereign nation and we want to be a sovereign nation , we will be and to hell with him.

This country desperately needs to be free and in charge of its own destiny again. Ever since we joined the poisonous European Union we have been on a never ending slide into oblivion.eu ref

More EU propaganda from the BBC via the Socialist-in-Chief. Sopel’s grovelling and risible summing up of Obama’s ‘achievements’ was textbook Beeb drivel.

The BBC is also the enemy of the indigenous British people and wants and actively supports mass, uncontrolled migration from mostly Muslim countries to bring our country down from within.
Obama seeks to destroy the USA and the west from within; this is his aim and he has the media onside to help his deceit.

Obama possibly thinks that an independent, sovereign UK is more of a threat to his plans than a UK which is submerged and subsumed within a quarrelsome, undemocratic, unsustainable EU. Or perhaps he just wants to stir the pot for his co-leaders in Europe, people he feels that he, or his favoured successors, can ‘deal with’, over the heads of their respective populations.

He can’t even get those in his “own” country to take his advice…he has to use his executive action card to force them against their will.

Lets face it, the prospect of Britain floating free scares our enemies, both at home and abroad, but the possibility that we might form something better with our friends utterly terrifies them. There are countries with whom we share culture, history and blood. Imagine how strong a true union of Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand would be; who knows maybe Scandinavia and the Netherlands would join as well. We do not need to be part of the undemocratic EU in order to build something wonderful!

Obama loves socialism and state control. The EUSSR is just that.

Britain should leave and join the rest of the world. Obama is Britain’s worst ally by saying Britain should stay in. Mind you we know this after siding with Argentina over the Falkland islands and after returning the bust of Winston Churchill.

He has messed up America with his “political correctness gone mad” attitude, and by his incompetence, his irresponsibility, his lack of leadership, and his economic illiteracy. He has been a train-wreck, a wrecking-ball to America in every way.

what an embarrassment he is to USA.



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