Mentioning ‘kitchen’ and ‘woman’ in one sentence is sexist now.

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Another day, another pointless, synthetic row about an offhand joke.

Mentioning ‘kitchen’ and ‘woman’ in one sentence is sexist now.

Peter Alliss is the voice of Golf and ranks alongside greats like Dan Maskell in Tennis, Harry Carpenter in Boxing, Brian Johnston in Cricket… his off-the-cuff comments and wonderful humour are precisely what make him so great.

At 84 he has seen more golfing history than most – Peter is a British institution and those whose PC obsessions compel them to condemn such a wonderful broadcaster, belong in one. Finally, as the BBC are soon to lose the broadcasting rights to The Open Championship we might consider this the end of an era… no more daily BBC coverage of all four days…. and ever so sadly, no more Peter Alliss at this the greatest golfing championship in the world.thought_police_01

There are some very worrying, touchy and very stupid people around these days. A pity we do not get humour like this in that boring “comedy” show Live at the Apollo, where they do not know a laugh if it hit them in the face.

The Chattering classes are indulging in their favourite hobby. The need to always have something to be offended by!!

First, they deliberately mis-read a Nobel scientist’s remarks and hound him from his job, now they’re sinking their bloody chops in to another national hero. What a dreadful nation we’ve become.

I am finding the political correctness of the BBC offensive. Will they apologise to me about that?



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