Yet again we see people promoted well above their ability because they are “politically correct”

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As reported in the Daily Telegrah

“I’m trying to think of professions where killing people wins you promotion”

We agree with this

Prison for reckless mismanagement not to mention criminal negligence is only for people in the private sector. Everyone who works for the government is protected, at least in the upper echelons. That is the way of socialists.


She did what all these new fangled common purpose lefties do: she ticked boxes and got away with doing *nothing*. Just like the council leader who allowed a baby to die through negligence.

She is the epitome of everything wrong with the state: unaccountable, believing themselves untouchable. She and her coterie must be punished through the law and their excessive salaries repaid in full, pensions revoked. They did not do their jobs. Worse, they did not *want* to do their jobs.


There is nothing to stop any other country replicating our health system. They don’t, and for good reason. They want clean hospitals, proper care, accountability, access to cancer drugs, immediate treatment for operations, and elderly patients regarded as worth keeping alive. That ain’t the case with our dear socialist NHS.


Strangely, back in the 50’s and 60’s that was the NHS.  I can remember working in ‘Nightingale’ wards with 40+ patients with only 4 nurses and a sister shared with another ward.  The floors were clean shining and disinfected _by the nurses_ all patients were  fed and given drinks _by the nurses_ and everyone was worked off their feet but they were doing it FOR the patients.

In a ‘flagship hospital’ recently I saw the bed in ruts into broken flooring with dust bunnies and stains under beds, flaking paint, lack of drinks for patients and lots of nurses at computers. I get the feeling the nurses are working FOR the system and not for the patients.  Certainly a ward sister from 1963 seeing the state of wards 50 years later would be aghast.

You only need something like  a Care Quality Commission when the self imposed standards of the workforce if they have any standards, are inadequate.  The CQC’s very existence is a sign of failure in the NHS.

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