Which part of the word “NO” does Juncker not understand

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We need to start paying off our £1 500 000 000 000 debt. Not subsidising 27 European countries.

We haven’t got the money hence we are implementing unpopular austerity measures ourselves. As a result we will have to borrow it ourselves.

This why we should leave, 1 Billion today, another one next month and so on.

We need a referendum for the British people about whether we want to use 1 billion of our tax money to bail out a country that shouldn’t have gone into the Eurozone from the start?!rp_euro-collapse-700x4371-300x187.jpg

Just proves that any negotiation or deal made with Brussels can and will be over ruled when it suits them , nothing less than a ratified treaty change on UK’s relationship and membership of the EU could be considered as something reliable. UK needs out of this madness to regain its independence and freedom back.

This whole Greek nightmare just shows up not just the Eurozone but the whole EU for what it is. A complete charade.

It is getting very scary now and the sooner we are out the better. Anyone who still thinks being in the EU is a good idea needs to book themselves into a very secure place with plenty of professional help available.

If the pound sterling suffered in some way, can you imagine the Eurozone supporting it? Never. They would simply say that it was our fault for not joining the Eurozone.

The bill will have to be paid by the UK no matter how much Osborne and Indecisive Dave posture. They are minions of the EU dictatorship.

UK will pay after being outvoted although we are not part of in German Eurozone disaster.

Our influence is zero and EU world trade has falling from30% to 17% in 35 years.

Why on earth should the EU expect the UK to contribute anything towards the Greek bail-out – we are not members of the Euro and for them to continue throwing good money after bad is their problem not ours.

This time next year, we’ll be on the brink of collapsing and no one will help.

If Greece can organise a referendum in just days why are our Government dragging their feet over giving us one?

I still cannot believe the people voted for these clowns in to run this country. We messed up



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