The BBC belongs in another age

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The BBC is no longer a national institution since is smashed its charter and sold its soul for propaganda.

Dozens of celebs, paid millions of tax payer’s money by the BBC, want to ensure they still get paid millions more. No surprise there then?

If the BBC wish to carry on like this, I have no objection. As long as they give me the choice to no longer fund it through a compulsory tax I have no option but to pay even if I only want to watch other broadcasters.

The whole strategic problem with a “state broadcaster” is that it can be hijacked – as the BBC has been – by the hegemonic owners of the prevailing Fabian orthodoxy. Or of any other similar Fascist orthodoxy. Therefore it is not possible to allow such an organisation to stay in being.bbc-alert

The BBC can now be put mercifully out of its Fabian misery. it can be shut down. The plugs to the transmitters can be pulled. It’s “employees” can have their private belongings arranged neatly in labelled bin-liners in the street outside their shut offices.

Expecting BBC ‘celebs’ to criticise the corporation is a bit like expecting Poles to vote for UK exit from the EU. It aint going to happen.

The biased broadcasting thing has been unaccountable to anyone for the last 50 years hence all the rubbish that we now have to put up with.

The self-regarding luvies are in full cry as they see the honey pot on which they have gorged themselves taken away. The one constant in their lucubrations is invariably a left-wing demand for other peoples money to satisfy their insatiable appetite for public display.

There cannot be any legitimate reason, whatsoever, to allow a media empire to tax citizens, nor for government to effectively operate this type of organisation.

It needs to be closed down. It was never necessary, and is now a hopeless anachronism. It should have been shut down in the 1980s.

Don’t reform it. Don’t privatise it. Don’t fiddle around with subscription models. Just kill it dead, with a single slash of the scythe. It has got to go.



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