Foreign students come to colleges in the UK with the sole intention to live here permanently.


Foreign students are just a way of university’s making millions.

Our universities are mostly 3rd rate! How could they be otherwise when the standards of literacy etc in our schools are so abysmal.

Plenty come to colleges in the UK with the sole intention to live here permanently. They are well-educated but often have poor English and will happily take minimum wage positions because of their lack of language skills.

I know cleaners with degrees but just want to earn enough money to send home.rp_school-300x165.png

They end up liking this country after studding here for so long, many of the sham marriages are foreign students who want to remain in the UK,

Permitting these students to remain after their courses adversely impacts on the job market for our own indigenous population?

The basic problem is that the business sector and universities benefit from an indirect subsidy. They get cheap labour and a source of income respectively, while the tax-payer covers many of the other requirements the migrants have and has to endure all the additional demands on finite resources.

All non-UK students should be required to carry health insurance and should be required to apply for a work visa like everyone else. They should not be entitled to bring their families with them either.

Making UK universities, etc less attractive to foreign students who’ve seen them as an easy entry to citizenship could free up more places for British students.

Everyone in the Border Agency/Service/Force is well aware that that International Students is the Achilles heal of the system and pressure from the universities keeps ministers away from the subject.

Britain has over a million illegal immigrants with hundreds of thousands poised to enter the country from Calais and the Mediterranean.

We can’t get even rid of the foreign athletes who came to the Commonwealth Games to Run, and are still on the run.

What are the plans of removal and prevention for these?



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