Labour is going to reap what it sows so badly its going to destroy them

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Labour has flourished because it has cultivated the votes of feckless and indolent customers of the socialist welfare state. It found a way to breed more of the same, but still unsatisfied with the result decided to import more via the unscreened, unskilled third world mass immigration route, thus altering the demographics of the nation in its favour.

Who cares what Labour think or say anymore?

Even the faithful BBC couldn’t bring themselves to broadcast Harmans speech it was so pitiful.

She has no judgement. Still with her rather silly tone, she can talk down to the plebs. Problem for Labour most of the so called “possible leaders” are even worse. What a brainless, useless bunch of losers.

Hopefully we will never see another Labour Government as long as we live.rp_labour-BBC.jpg

Next stop to rid our education system of the left wing Guardian readers that pollute kids heads with nonsense that brainwashes them into believing the rubbish that it the Labour party and the drivel spouted by the Guardian.

Get rid of that anti white, anti English, anti male propaganda outfit called the BBC as well. Or at least make it stand on it’s own two feet by making it subscription only. It’s as “well loved” as they claim it is, they should have no problem obtaining the funding. If not, let the lefties pay to for it’s propaganda, as they’re the only ones falling for it.

Labour is in fact two parties. One old style cloth caps and unions hopelessly outdated and of touch and the other the Blairite right wing Labour-equally out of touch with anything beyond Islington. Consequently any economic policies are totally contradictory by and large or unhappy compromises and consequently ruinous to the country.

Labour’s last economic policy was to tax, raid pensions, borrow through PFI’s, issue Gilt which is another form of borrowing, and then spend all that they got.

Brown proclaimed he’d got rid of boom and bust. Well we had the mother of all busts thanks to the banks and labour’s failure to regulate them.

Labour left a deficit of £162 billion each year on the current account (money in verses money out). Brown doubled the national debt from £300 billion to £600 billion over a 10 year period, when it took over 300 years to get to £300 billion.

Labour is going to reap what it sows so badly its going to destroy them.

Labour’s economic policy has always been the same – tax and spend and borrow and spend and then…… oh look, there’s no money left.



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