In theses day’s of austerity who the hell has £75.000

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261,159 Austrians have signed a petition demanding a referendum on whether Austria should leave the EU.

So many countries are now waking up to the effects of the totalitarian state we would be better off by exploiting the ‘union’ for what it is worth.

“Cash in bank accounts will only be guaranteed up to a limit of £75,000 from January 1, 2016, the Bank of England has said, down from the current limit of £85,000, because of the euro’s weakness against the pound.” TelegraphMark carney 1

Austria has already removed its deposit guarantee scheme altogether. This was enacted under EU law and any EU country is free to adopt this at very short notice. As other current news allude to, preparation is being made for the main event.

Deposit protection encourages people to put money into banks that advertise themselves with singing & dancing cashiers. Don’t worry about the balance sheet, just give us your money, everything’s fine.

It is part of the bail-in legislation enacted by the EU that came into force last year. Obviously it was largely ignored by our pro-EU media.

How can you deal with a government that sits far from the people who didn’t  by a large majority elect them and answer pretty much to nobody and make rules that govern everything you do from birth to death?

We are expecting trouble soon with the economy. This is the second time this scenario has been publicised in as many months. The sooner there is a massive correction in the markets the better.

This country desperately needs to be free and in charge of its own destiny again. Ever since we joined the poisonous European Union we have been on a never ending slide into oblivion.

Given the choice I think most people in the EU would rather be left to manage their own affairs and run their countries how they see fit, and just be a member of a simple trading bloc.



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