This is what Political Correctness gets you.


It’s going to be very hard to express my emotions here today as our Free Speech laws do not allow for criticism.

But I hope all those who pushed political correctness down our throats on threats of imprisonment, have nightmares about what those young girls had to go through and if there’s a hell I wish them all a first class reservation.

With 300 abuse victims identified, it is about time we are reading reports about the arrest and convictions of the perverts and the people who hid the abuse.child abuse

By the time they’ve got on top of these 1,400 cases, many more will have occurred elsewhere in the country, where the spotlight isn’t being shone.

Many parents for many years have tried to get help to stop this happening to their children. The favorite target of these vile people have been children who were in council care. Let’s not pretend that it was only going on in certain areas of the country or that it has stopped. Any child , especially those going through teenage troubles or family issues have been and will continue to be targeted.

Halifax could dwarf Rotherham. There’s still a hell of a lot of towns and cities to come. Rotherham’s MP reckons thousands of girls nationwide will have been raped. If that’s the case, we will need more prisons…unless we come up with another type of punishment, that is. I’m sure we all could come up with cheaper and more effective alternatives.

If Rotherham kept its Labour affiliations at the last election, it is clear just how many overseas voters under the Commonwealth electoral dispensation were complicit in such a hollow victory.

No matter what any report says, the people of Rotherham will still vote Labour.

How can democracy function when people think like that?

The story of this administrative shambles and criminality has yet properly to emerge. And still, we’re talking politics rather than justice.

Theresa May – who has told us that present revelations are just the tip of the iceberg – is a shoe fetishist and wants to be prime minister.

What has happened is that mass race rape has been ignored due to cultural sensitivities.

This is what Political Correctness gets you.




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