Most of them haven’t a clue why they’re there half the time.


All you need to do is to observe any political debate or read any on-line forum; when the Leftie loses the argument (as is always the case) they then turn to childish insult or threats.

The persecution complex is a founding trait for socialism, the belief that something or someone else is responsible more the reason for their ineptitude is what fuels their religious fever.

They’re rude and intolerant and put up a brick wall against any reasoned argument. In fact there’s no point in trying to converse with them they just get nasty.uaf

Has anyone ever seen a left-wing rally/protest? They are the absolute dregs of society. Filthy, unwashed hypocrites all of them. Most of them haven’t a clue why they’re there half the time. Somebody uttered the word ‘free’ and they all just hopped on the buses the unions paid for.

The rest of them turned up because they want to cause destruction and ‘anarchy’ because they truly believe that’s what will bring about change.

Liberalism is just socialism repackaged to make something historically destructive more palatable to the less discerning. It has all the disturbing hallmarks of a cult or pseudo-religion, with its devotees mindlessly chanting ideological propaganda, seemingly without any capacity to formulate an objective opinion or act for the greater good (damage to society is considered collateral damage).

Its adherents are intolerant towards anyone who holds differing views other than their own, they advocate children be indoctrinated rather than educated, they’ve lobbied to make free expression a crime or an ‘ism’, the state has been co-opted as a proxy tool to stamp out anything they disagree with, and liberals are far more predisposed to intimidation and violence than any other political group.

They love to think they’re tough, especially in their little mobs but are the first ones to sue if they think their human rights have been infringed.

So much for hating the system.



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