The underlying propaganda is very subtle, but the messages are always there.

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The BBC was once a beacon of accuracy and truth. I can remember during the Islamic revolution in Iran we listened to the BBC world service. to find out what was actually going on.

Now the service is like a constant running party political for new labour and extremist Islam.bbc_logo

The underlying propaganda is very subtle, but the messages are always there. Only last week they presented “The BBC at War” heavily critical of Churchil and they actually stated that the then Ministry of Information “prevented” the BBC from reporting the debacle at Dieppe………referring to it as the “dead hand of the MOI interfering with the BBC’s freedom”……..as if we weren’t at WAR at the time and such reporting could have affected national morale and given tactical information the the enemy!

The BBC is just like Greece, desperately searching for funding so that they can continue on with their wasteful subsidized lifestyle just long enough so that the current generation of employees can reach retirement age and say ‘sod it’ to everyone else.

The BBC has converted itself into a metrosexual left wing organisation.

Having nailed themselves, due to their recruitment policies of hiring left wing staff, to this biased view they have created an interior culture which fails even to recognise. I am sure that they believe they are not biased. If they get severely spanked in the upcoming licence fee discussions then they have only themselves to blame.

The BBC staggers from crisis to crisis.

Its blank refusal to report on the decades long abuse in Rotherham, when it knew why was going on was the final straw for me.

Let’s be honest now, it’s an outdated waste of space that has been totally infiltrated by the left and people who call themselves “progressive” when in reality they are nothing of the sort, their news is unreliable, their weather is a laughing stock after being caught fiddling climate change data and their recent history of covering up institutionalised paedophilia is nothing short of shocking, if it were a private company it would have gone bust years ago.

If the BBC is so proud and confident about its content, they should welcome a subscription service .

They continually trail their product, surely , if its so good , subscriptions would increase their income .

The fact is, its a malignant malign treasonous organisation filled with self serving left wing deeply unpleasant creeps.

They are as delusional as they ever were & need to be broken up.

I hate the organisation and everything it stands for.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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