Culture is more powerful than economics

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The Greek crisis demonstrates what a strong and stable currency the Euro is.

The Euro was always a political move designed to create fiscal control. You cannot have fiscal control unless you have political control. Ergo, the euro was always a political project to subjugate the sovereign nation states of Europe. The Greek issue is a microcosm of the EU writ large. Greece has an awful choice – remain in the Euro and be a satrapy or break free and suffer horribly. If she chooses the latter it will be very painful and relatively short lived, but at least she’ll be free and sovereign. Choose the former and she will be the Eu’s slave forever.rp_euro-collapse-700x4371-300x187.jpg

When the Euro was initiated, we were told that it would cause Italy and Spain to meet German levels of productivity. What the economists meant by this was, actually, that it would “force” Italy and Spain to meet German levels of productivity. Only it didn’t. Italian, and Spanish people did not want to abandon their culture to adopt a German one. Culture is more powerful than economics and no such improvement in productivity was forthcoming. The results are with us now.

Our country’s politicians level of corrupability determines our treatment by an arrogant, un-auditible, unelected, loose affiliation of political control freaks intent only on tightening their grip on the working classes through increased taxation.

I had not realised people think the Schenger Agreement was the EU’s greatest achievement. I thought that it was the banning of curved cucumbers and the subsequent u-turn on that momentous decision- after a vote by the member states. The EU can be pragmatic when it needs to be- although it is not going to make a habit of it- so don’t expect member states to vote on really important policy decisions. On that basis, we can expect mass civil unrest and violence before the EU takes another reality check.

The EU itself is anti-democratic by deliberate design. Its principal ideology is to replace public consent with bureaucratic fiat, all for the public good of course.



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