You cannot trust the Conservatives… There finished

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

Do not forget this is a YouGov poll, and we all know who runs that bunch!


That’s not even what the poll shows. Even by Telegraph standards this is serious spin

All it shows is that by a small majority Conservative party members would vote to stay in the EU If he SUCCESSFULY RENEGOTIATED the terms

About zero chance of doing that although it does not even say what  he will try to renegotiate and what outcome he expects

UKIP would be happy to stay in the EU if major changes were made to the terms of it. The EU will though not make the major changes required.


They are getting desperate to spin the position

First they polled Conservative party members. That is not very representative of the Conservative voters most of whom are not members

Then of the members they voted by a small majority to stay in if in the remote chance Cameron managed to renegotiate the terms. Even that is meaningless as it does not state what he will renegotiated and what outcome he wants


Well I can see a couple of problems with that :-

1)The Tory membership is falling so there will be fewer of them towing the party line.

2)How can they say they will vote to stay in the EU if a renegotiation takes place, when they don’t actually know what terms he is  going to try to renegotiate.   I can only assume the members don’t each have separate identities,  or the  intelligence to make a decision.

3)Our Dave is assuming the EU will agree to any renegotiations, which on his past record is likely to fail miserably.

4)The Tories aren’t going to win the next election, so it is all a bit academical


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