Only a fool would ever trust Labour again with the future direction of our country.


The Labour Party loathe the English – they have a hatred for all things English and in particular working class English – they also hold special contempt for those who happen to fit into both those categories and also happen to be white too – for anyone that is English, working class and white the Labour Party despises you (see Emily Thornberry, Jack Straw, Rotherham etc etc).

The Labour Party is in the hands of white wealthy upper-middle-class socialist snobs who cannot stomach the very people the party was created to represent.uaf

Labour is the Party of Class hatred, and they hate no class more than the English White Working class.

They’re responsible for everything bad about modern Britain
Left wing judges who say it’s ok for Asian parents to beat kids
The biggest debts in history saddled on our children and grandchildren
Mass immigration
Human rights for terrorists and mass murderers
The list is endless

They’ve done more damage than all our enemies from the whole of history combined.

All Labour have left are the students, Benefit chavs and ethnic minorities.

Even this client bank is mainly limited to London and the English inner cities.

And, once the tidal wave of immigration has been going another five years, we may well see a new non-Western Party emerge.

Labour showed it would quite happily sell out the English vote to get into power. take for example its promise to Scotland to fund additional pension benefits and NHS facilities (Scottish only) through an English only tax. Add to that scandals like Rotherham, and English people do not think Labour represents them any more.

If you want the Government to steal our children’s inheritance and condemn them to a lifetime of high taxation: Vote Labour.
If you want our education system to be a sheep dip of Lefty Ideology: Vote Labour.
If you want to be silenced if your views do not conform with required thinking: vote Labour.

Only a fool would ever trust Labour again with the future direction of our country. The Conservatives are equally as culpable for the rise in English sentiment, they have been just lucky in avoiding the blame, at least so far.



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