The real war has been waged by the Civil Service, which driven by leftist trade unionists has been undermining the country at every move.

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The British civil service has over a number of years developed a reputation for incompetence, arrogance, bureaucracy and a mind-blowing ability to waste money without any accountability whatever.

When government parties change, the top echelons of civil servants should also be removed and voted for by the electorate. This country has had enough of treasonous acts by so-called ‘leaders’ and much more goes on behind the closed doors of the civil service than the people are allowed to know.

The Left always establish a power-base in the public sector, where they can milk the system to their own advantage, using the threat of strikes to get what they want.whitehall

The reason why politicians feel free in attacking it is, quite simply, that they know that civil servants have become even more unpopular than they have themselves.

The real war has been waged by the Civil Service, which driven by leftist trade unionists has been undermining the country at every move.

Of course civil ( or not so civil) servants run the country, just as they run local councils.

At all levels of government, Labour placemen, installed from 1997 on, have done their best to frustrate and delay government policy. To pretend that the civil service has not hitherto been politicised is just silly. The same applies to quangos and other organisations with “independent” appointment panels where the panels themselves were rigged.

Since then the civil service has done an amazing job of filling its own pockets with public money, connived at by Labour who treated them as vote fodder.

An unbiased public service working in the service of the public? Pull the other one; Rotherham and mid-staffs are just the tip of the iceberg.civil

Now it is almost certainly being infiltrated by any number of groups using equality legislation and positive discrimination to their advantage. There have already been cases of corrupt ethnic minority officials in local government using their powers over housing and benefits to further the interests of their communities.

How long before a ‘Trojan Horse?

Some of the public are so gullible, that when there is a problem local or nationally,mother are suckered into writing to their MP or local Councillor. A complete waste of time, as neither of them can attain anything meaningful.

For the most part, our so called elected ( barely) representatives are nothing more than very expensive wastes of time, leaving most ordinary people fuming, but powerless to actually make any significant changes.

The unelected advisor’s are a very real problem, putting forward their own agendas often completely wrongly. They are powerful people making idiots of all our leaders at a high price.

The Labour-politicised civil service versus the Vichy wing of the Conservative party: it’s a shame they can’t both lose.



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