Italy a sovereign government elected by the people is reduced to ‘demanding assistance from the EU’.


So the future is that Italy a sovereign government elected by the people is reduced to ‘demanding assistance from the EU’.

That is our future too unless we leave, but our future won’t last too long if as a result of staying we become as overwhelmed as Italy is with boat people fleeing to European shores and on to Dover for jobs, houses, schools, hospitals and benefits.refugee boat

Migrants have been allowed by the Italian state to reside in Italy until they make an application for asylum. In turn, the Italian state has also, by turning a blind eye, allowed them free movement within the country. This means the migrants will apply for asylum, in most cases, in Germany or Britain, not Italy. But this strategy has now backfired. There are now far too many migrants occupying the transit area that Italy planned for itself, and more and more come each day. The consequences are now even rebounding on the migrants themselves, as resources for them become reduced and competition for these resources becomes a necessity among the migrants themselves.

In the border countries of the Middle East conflict, like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, migrants are held in refugee camps. But the majority of migrants to Europe are not refugees – they are not fleeing war or persecution – they are emigrating to Europe in a deliberately illegal manner. They do this because they know Europe has no refugee camps, no controls on their movement within Europe, and no fast-track mechanism to deport them when they make spurious asylum claims.

Italy doesn’t *need* these immigrants, the Italians can’t immediately find them jobs so they could pay their way, feed their families and rent flats. So what exactly is going on here? What is the purpose of allowing so much inward migration?

It looks like poor and inefficient government. If a government cannot secure its borders and make its population safe, it has little legitimacy.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Looking at the southern Europe immigration problem and its current and foreseeable consequences, how can you disagree with that?

An immigrant says now we are here there is nothing for us.

The sense of entitlement they have is obscene. Utterly obscene.

He “doesn’t want” to return to Eritrea because he might be jailed …. so what. That doesn’t mean Italy or any other country is obliged to provide him with anything.

These illegal immigrants need to learn a hard lesson and learn it quickly. “Europe is not the land of free milk and honey.”



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