Compelling the BBC to be impartial would be like trying to teach a lion how to be a vegetarian.

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The BBC and the EU are akin to an unlisted 1960’s tower block with concrete cancer and both need demolishing.

It’s a waste of time expecting the BBC to be “even handed” on the EU (or indeed any political issue).
The BBC officially has always believed that (a) it is impartial and (b) its views are middle of the road and are accepted by all reasonable people.bnp_bbc_lies_1

Because the BBC has for decades only been employing people who share its world view, it doesn’t recognise that it is biased. How can it? If everyone in an organisation thinks the same, that becomes the new “normal.” The BBC doesn’t know how to be unbiased any more.

Compelling the BBC to be impartial would be like trying to teach a lion how to be a vegetarian.

The problem with the impartiality bill, is Cameron who is a Liberal is too stupid to know what is left and right.

Why shouldn’t a corrupt, nepotistic Mafia state broadcaster run by semi-literate Marxist Freemasons be allowed to subvert the democracy that took 1,000 years to establish?

Unfortunately it isn’t just the BBC which has an ingrained pro-EU bias, it’s all the main broadcasters.

I’m not going to try to put the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky in an order for the degree of their pro-EU biases, but they all have it, probably because they draw upon the same pool of journalists and producers and editors infected with it.

And there’s no way that Ofcom can be expected to do anything about it.

Those who work in the BBC complaints department are led to believe that bias in BBC journalism can never happen.

They are in complete denial.



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