It stopped being education and became social engineering over sixty years ago.

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The problem with the public perception of teachers can be laid squarely at the feet of the teaching unions. Their militancy over four decades has resulted in all state teachers being branded as left-wing activists with little interest in the education of children. The best thing teachers could do would be to stop having annual conferences which provide a platform for the fire-brands who have given up teaching for full-time left-wing politics.rp_school-300x165.png

Every teacher I’ve ever met (including non-Brits) has been a committed Lefty. Many pupils leave school quite obviously brainwashed by the Lefty Thought Police (hence the rise of the Greens).

Take climate change. Have any teachers bothered to inform their students that there has been no warming for close on 19 years? Er no, because it’s not about science, it’s about a political redistributive agenda. So their fears are ramped up by hacktivist teachers.

The essential problem is the revolutionary change in teaching methods since the early 1970s. Didactive teaching has long been replaced by ‘child-centred teaching’, where knowledge is supposed to be gleaned through an exploitative, group participation process actually involving the teacher who himself becomes a ‘learner’.

This has had devastating effect on educational performances, even at the tertiary level. There has been endless academic criticism of this for years, but is seldom commented on by the media. At a basic level there has for years been controversy about teaching kids how to read, with the C-A-T method replaced with some ‘look-and-say’ method, which increased illiteracy, and after a struggle with politicians still only half the teachers have gone back to the former method.

 Teachers need to abandon their patronising, “we know best” attitude and accept that thrp_school-classroom-300x225.jpgis is an equal partnership with parents. They also need to abandon the failed modern teaching methods which have comprehensively been proved not to work.

The left generally and Common Purpose specifically have colonised education.

Standard Stalinist indoctrination.

It stopped being education and became social engineering over sixty years ago.

Of course they have an agenda.

I lost all respect for teachers when in recent years they all seemed quite happy that exam results were clearly being “massaged” with As and A* s being given like sweeties.

 How could someone who has any kind of professional pride be happy with the double crime of letting down children and openly lying about it too?



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