The appalling media biases has corrupted journalism to the point where fair coverage of any topic is a luxury

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It’s getting harder for the BBC’s incestuous relationship with the Labour Party to be swept under the rug.

The  appalling media biases has corrupted journalism to the point where fair coverage of any topic is a luxury.

Recent coverage of the General Election highlights how the interests of the political establishment, corporations and the press have become increasingly intertwined. Betraying a blatant disregard for journalistic integrity.

The political union of the Westminster bubble, corporate interests and the media has created an environment in which it is political suicide for a voter to so much as question the status quo.BBC 2

The unbelievable arrogance of some of the people from the BBC is almost breathtaking. We are always wrong and they are always right.

If the Head of BBC news is in denial about the left wing bias in the corporation then I fear for it’s future. It is apparent to all that the BBC is in the pockets of the so called Islington champagne socialists and theatrical luvvies.

An indirectly funded government enterprise is an an anachronism in this day and age by the imposition of what amounts to a stealth poll tax to fund the BBC. In these circumstances, bias will always be the result since they will always have an eye on maintaining its ‘coffers’.

The BBC doing its best to promote the Labour party. 

There is plenty of evidence of left wing bias. If you only employ left leaning journos, it’s hardly surprising the news output is left leaning. It is also reasonable to assume that they do not recognise this bias. After all, if everyone thinks the same, how can everyone be wrong.

Maybe the reason the left wing news failed to influence people was because most people do no believe the mainstream media news any more, in most cases it is either a left wing party political broadcast or a smug we know best

The BBC is just a propaganda arm for the communists / globalists. It is shameful that the people of our country keep it alive.

Privatise the BBC, then only those who want to subscribe to this tripe need pay.

They are infected by a metropolitan bias and group think that shames the independence, objectivity and free-and-fair journalism of previous generations. It’s time for a change.

Where the mainstream media is concerned, facts, truth, and honest reporting are not a part of the equation.

Wake up, mainstream media, and transform, before someone shuts you down for good.

Kick the BBC into the long grass and forget about it. It is well past its sell by date.



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  1. vn hax pubg Reply

    August 7, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    Deference to op , some superb selective information .

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