No need for a Chancellor any more, we have edicts delivered to us from unelected foreigners

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The United Kingdom cannot apply, with respect to all housing, a reduced rate of value-added tax (VAT) to the supply and installation of energy-saving materials, since that rate is reserved solely to transactions relating to social housing, ruled the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on June 4.

The UK applies a reduced rate of VAT to “energy-saving materials” that are installed in housing or that are supplied for installation in housing. The European Commission had challenged the measure, arguing that it contravenes the EU VAT Directive.European Arrest Warrant

Now we cannot even control our own taxes.

The ECJ will produce one bizarre ruling after another, and we will see the EU as so “inevitable” that we will gradually lose the will to resist.

The people who want us to stay in the EU are really parading their own helplessness. They want to be constrained by rulings of foreign courts because then they don’t have to take any decisions or risks for themselves.

The UK should not have to ask a foreign power about VAT rates, energy saving measures, social housing or any policy that is rightly the sole decision of any sovereign country anywhere in the world, except the 28 dominions of the EU empire.

The UK should now make its own sovereign decision on this and all other matters and wait for the EU to invite Britain to leave since it clearly won’t abide by the rules.

The EU’s self destructive streak spreads like a disease.

The whole EU is for the benefit of its corporate puppet masters and intellectually deficient commissariat and politburo in Brussels all filling their boots and damn everyone else. Its FIFA on steroids.

People who want the UK to stay in the EU are like children who always want to know what “Miss” wants them to do, instead of thinking for themselves.

If this goes on, future general elections will be fought over the levels of library fines, because that will be all that the UK can decide for itself.

No need for a Chancellor any more, we have edicts delivered to us from unelected foreigners

Rule by fax, and the faxes will be in German.



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