We are hurtling towards a massive train wreck in housing.

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So, this is progress is it ?

There is an immigration crisis caused by the UK state abolishing all border controls.
This puts pressure on available housing.
But then we all know that – some people just pretend not to know it.

Half the kids in the country still living with their parents because they can’t afford to rent or buy. And let’s not mention going back to building ”Council-Houses” for those kids (perish the thought), because that could bring the price of houses down and end the party for an awful lot of Landlords, Estate-Agents, and of course, not forgetting, those conservative chums at the Bank!
Well, this is one party of a ”Rigged Housing-Market” that needs to end, before the repercussions of alienating half-a-generation comes home to roost.
Too many people with too ”much”: and too many people who are being left out in the cold with no prospects ….. Consequences … ”Social unrest” …. rp_houseingbubble-298x300.jpg

As well as opening our doors to mass immigration, all of whom have to be housed, great swathes of cheap housing stock all over the country was bought up by private landlords to lodge young students because Blair reckoned sending half the population to university was a massive fiddle to reduce the youth unemployment figures.

Until we start accepting that the land is only capable of supporting a finite number of people with a finite amount of living space then there is no hope. It’s a confusing issue because people scream “racist” at the mere mention of immigration but the numbers are self-evident.

The legacy parties have proven decade after decade they aren’t up to the task of governing Britain.

Help To Buy should be called Help To Sell or Help To Bubble; it has got nothing to do with providing homes and sustainable outcomes for the next generation, and everything to do with buying votes by ensuring the debt merry-go-round spins ever faster.

We are hurtling towards a massive train wreck in housing

When the bubble bursts, the impact will be catastrophic. A full blown Sterling crisis is inevitable and we will see the same meltdown as in the USA after the sub prime failure, Eire and Spain.

George Osborne will have been the architect of this disaster – remember when the muck hits the fan who was responsible for creating this accident waiting to happen.



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