Greece misses IMF payment….The show is over.

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Greece misses IMF payment

Was Juncker expecting this? I don´t think so. That will teach him a lesson for trusting extreme-left radical people. They simply can´t be trusted, they are not quite civilized people, they see others as enemies and treat them as such.

It was Christine Lagarde who admitted that “we (i.e. the EU and IMF) broke all the rules because we wanted to save the Euro.”
The Maastricht Treaty prohibited member states from bailing out each other. The Treaty was broken.
The IMF’s rules apply to rescuing a nation’s finances; not bailing out a currency area.
They broke the Treaties/Rules. They can hardly blame Greece for taking a similarly lax attitude.
I very much doubt if those countries who have “lent” Greece £billions in order to save the Eurozone banking system will ever get their money back.
And it serves them right.germany greece

The show is over. 

Greece will now have to default, they probably reason, better to default on 1.6bn at month end as to paying 300m now and defaulting on 1.3bn on the 30th June.

Let’s hope the Greeks finally show something of the ‘self-respect’ they’re always talking about – and tell the Germans to go shove it – and default and leave the euro.

And let’s hope that this, leads, over time, to a sequence of events in Europe which causes the collapse first of the euro – and then the cursed EU monstrosity.

If Greece falls Italy, Spain and Portugal will be next.

Anyone in the UK who does not want to get as far away from the EU as possible is raving mad!



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