A British passport, not a voting card, should be the requirement to vote.

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Looks like we are going to get a dishonest referendum just like we got a dishonest election , courtesy of Liblabcon and MSM liars and Goebbels propagandists.

As we, the British people have never consented to any form of political union with Europe, the imposition of EU ‘laws’ on us is nothing less then criminal.

If we are going to have a democratically illegitimate vote, by allowing those whom we have not consented to be here to vote, we, the British people will have the RIGHT to refuse the outcome of that election. We will have the right to resist any attempt to impose the result on us, including the use of force.EU 2

The end result of yet another act of treason being committed against us in the name of this European socialist dictatorship will be civil war. It may not happen straight away, but these crimes give legitimacy to armed resistance as we know the state will use force to impose this illegitimate result on us.

Paying taxes doesn’t buy you a vote. What’s being decided is the future of the British nation.

Any political party trying to open up the vote to non-British citizens is going to get an absolute kicking from the electorate: we want the referendum, we’ve been promised it, and we don’t want watered down or discredited by anything that could be seen to be political manoeuvring.

The UK will be facing a difficult choice in the next couple of years.┬áPart of the British peoples’ problem with the EU is the way in which the UK is being subverted and subsumed into a federal state without the people’s consent. The referendum is about consent.

The heart of this debate is not about immigration, about economics, even about Human Rights. it is about whether the UK can govern itself free of interference from non UK countries – and non UK citizens.



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