It is a fundamental radical-liberal article of faith: only white people can be racist.

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A welfare and diversity officer caught up in a racism row could potentially lose her job for tweeting the words “kill all white men” and calling people “white trash”.

Goldsmiths University’s officer, Bahar Mustafa has been at the centre of a media storm after banning white men from an event on diversifying the curriculum and stating on camera ethnic minority women cannot be racist. Source

This is what she learned in the college diversity textbooks and from listening to many of our leftist politicians. She is only repeating what all of our college students are being taught.

Part of the problem is the “diversity” program at most universities is designed to and actually empowers segregation based upon minority interests over anything that is white, male or both. It is not a diversity program but a minority privilege program. We are promoting maintaining different cultures in a society at the expense of society. Historically different cultures when living together in a society morph into a single society and do not stay in distinct subcultures. We are destroying society by demanding diversity.

At least we can say Rome fell thanks to marauding barbarians and political collapse, the collapse of Great Britain is being inflicted by maniacs inhabiting all levels of society. Even the Romans didn’t have people screaming racist all the time, if my memory serves me right the word wasn’t even coined till Trotsky came up with it after the Russian Revolution.

It is a fundamental radical-liberal article of faith: only white people can be racist.

When a non-white person behaves in a racist fashion, it’s not really racism, because–by virtue of their respective theoretical relationships–the non-white person can only ever be a victim of racism, never the perpetrator.

It is the radical-liberal worldview. As plain as rain to them.

Colleges need to purge militants of any type. Colleges are supposed to be about learning and about expanding your horizons, not blindly adhering to any form of militant belief system–especially one built on divisiveness and hate.

Everything about the Left is about silencing the opposition. Its a tactic and goal that even some liberals are now starting to acknowledge and write about.



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